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About Guest Haus Property Management

Guest Haus was established in 2022 by two passionate entrepreneurs, Jeremy and Andrew. Their shared vision of capturing local culture through exceptional experiences and design, combined with their real estate and property management expertise, has made Guest Haus a trusted name in the industry. Learn more about their journeys and how they came together to create Guest Haus Property Management.

Andrew: Scaling Businesses & Property Management

Andrew has a proven track record of successfully launching and growing multiple small businesses by implementing effective processes and strategies. His entrepreneurial spirit and keen business acumen have enabled him to excel in various industries. With over five years of experience in the property management market, his journey in this field began with managing a family beach house in Michigan. This experience ignited his passion for delivering unforgettable vacation experiences and managing properties efficiently. Andrew now resides in Austin, Texas, where Guest Haus was founded. As a co-founder, he continues to drive the company's success and establish a strong presence in the local community.

Jeremy: A Passion for Real Estate & Short-Term Rentals‚Äč

Jeremy's professional journey began as a lawyer in Montreal, Canada. Although he excelled in his legal career, he soon discovered that his true passion lay in the real estate industry. He quickly recognized the potential of short-term rentals in transforming the market and providing unique lodging options for travelers. After successfully scaling properties through short-term rentals in Canada, Jeremy made the strategic decision to shift his focus to the thriving US market. This led him to co-found Guest Haus Property Management, where he now channels his passion for real estate and hospitality.

United by a Shared Vision: Guest Haus' Mission

The partnership between Jeremy and Andrew has flourished due to their shared passion for creating unforgettable experiences, their commitment to capturing local culture, and their dedication to providing exceptional service to clients and guests alike. Their combined skills and experiences have enabled Guest Haus Property Management to stand out in the competitive vacation rental market. At the core of their business lies a strong focus on fostering lasting connections with valued clients and guests, while delivering a personalized touch that makes every stay truly memorable.

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