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Guest Haus

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Jeremy and Andrew, two passionate entrepreneurs, established Guest Haus in 2022. They aimed to capture the local Austin culture through exceptional experiences and design. Their expertise in real estate and property management quickly turned the company into a trusted name in the industry.

Their partnership has flourished due to their shared passion for creating unforgettable experiences, commitment to capturing local culture, and dedication to providing exceptional service to clients and guests alike. Consequently, their combined skills and experiences have allowed Guest Haus Property Management to distinguish itself in the vacation rental market. At the heart of this business, Jeremy and Andrew focus on fostering lasting connections with valued clients and guests. Additionally, they deliver a personalized touch that makes every stay truly memorable.

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Guest Haus Rentals

We pride ourselves on offering top-notch Austin vacation rentals, ensuring a memorable and personalized experience for owners and guests.

Our dedicated team tirelessly provides the finest accommodations and tailored services for every guest, creating an unparalleled experience that leaves a lasting impression. From booking your stay to checking out, we ensure your vacation is seamless and unforgettable.

We refer to this as the Guest Haus Experience, where we build lasting relationships one stay at a time.

Guest Haus Property Management

Trust us to manage your vacation rental home expertly. You’ll enjoy increased earnings, reduced stress, and the assurance that we won’t profit until we’ve covered your expenses. We design our comprehensive property management services to optimize your rental’s performance and simplify your life.

Our experienced team uses proven strategies and industry-leading tools to increase your property’s bookings and maximize your earnings. Sit back and relax while your property earns for you.

Join our growing community of delighted clients and guests, and discover the unparalleled service that distinguishes us.

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Asset Acquisition

We also expertly acquire and manage real estate, including various types of assets such as acreage and motorized vehicles, to support future projects and events. We design our comprehensive asset management services to help you achieve your investment goals and maximize returns.

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